SAP Assessments


When you are selling or renting your property, the seller or landlord must provide the EPC.



SAP calculations are required for all new build dwellings in order to demonstrate compliance with Part L1A of the Building Regulations in England & Wales or Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards.

The SAP calculation assesses the thermal efficiency of the proposed building fabric, together with the energy requirements of the heating, lighting and hot water systems of the planned property. The SAP assessment also calculates the predicted annual carbon dioxide emissions which must meet a prescribed Target Emission Rate in order to comply.

SAP calculations are compared with the requirements of Part L1A or Section 6 and summarised within a brief report for submission to Building Control at the design stage before any construction work commences.

Upon completion of the build, the respective SAP assessment is then upgraded to an As Built SAP Calculation incorporating any changes from the initial design, the finalised heating and hot water systems and the result of any Air Pressure Test that may have been undertaken.

Finalised SAP reports are then reissued for submission to Building Control together with an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which is required as part of the requirements for a completion certificate and also for the subsequent sale or let of the property.

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